If your domain is currently registered at ENOM or one of it's resellers (such as Authors Guild), you can easily move your domain to AuthorBytes hosting without having to go through the whole domain transfer process. "Pushing" a domain happens in near real-time. To have ENOM or an ENOM reseller push a domain to AuthorBytes Hosting, please provide them with the following request. Be sure to substitute your domain name and your name where applicable.

To Whom It May Concern,

I have contracted with AuthorBytes to build and host a new website. Please move by domain to AuthorBytes by performing a domain push through ENOM's Control Panel.

Push Domains To: authorbytes

For specific instructions on how to perform a domain push, please see the ENOM Support Center Document:

You can also contact AuthorBytes at support@authorbytes.com or by calling 617-492-0442 Opt 2.

Thank you,

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